International Online Music Lessons

Have you always wanted to play the piano, but have not started yet? Or have you ever wondered if you can learn to play the piano at all as an adult? Do you want to stay at home and learn to play the piano from there? No matter where you live, you can now learn to play the piano at RE Learn & Develop. 

Instruments & Technology:

You will need to have One mobile and one laptop/tablet, alternatively two mobiles or two tablets/laptop. So you can have one device in front of you and watch the teacher and when it plays. You have the other device aimed with the camera so we can see your hands. For that, we recommend having a stand for mobile phones.

Plan your lessons together with your teacher

Piano lessons at RE Learn & Develop means learning how to play the keys, often with an electric piano. We will be focusing on you, your technique, your understanding, your listening and your creativity introducing all the possibilities available in the world of keys. The piano is an excellent way to overview the structure of music, and works well as your first instrument. We will start with your goals and ambitions, but we will always try to challenge you to try new things.

Private lessons

Private lessons of 30 minutes are standard at RE Learn & Develop (for students ages 13 and younger), which means that you will have all the attention for yourself and that the lessons are completely customized for you, your speed and your musical goals. Private lessons are the most efficient way to go for you as an individual instrumentalist.

Individually adjusted start

We apply rolling admission and flexible start dates - this means that you can begin your bundle throughout the autumn or spring semester. 


As soon as your purchase is confirmed and we have received your application, you will be contacted by our booking team to schedule your lessons on a fixed spot in our weekly schedule which ranges from monday to friday 16.00-21.00.


The weekly lessons take place on a fixed time. You can only reschedule a certain number of lessons, depending on the size of your lesson bundle. If you want more freedom to be able to change the time or postpone next week's lesson you might add the flexibility option. This is perfect if you have an irregular schedule or if you just want a "rock n roll lifestyle".

Technical Support

RE Learn & Develop helps with up to 30 minutes of free technical support to connect the units / google meet when you buy a course with us.

Choose your Individual lesson bundle:

  • Pay per individual lesson - $29.99 
  • Monthly individual (1 lesson per week, total of 4 lessons per month) - $79.99 
  • Monthly Individual (2 lessons per week, total of 8 lessons per month) -  $149.99 

Choose your Group lesson bundle:

  • Pay per lesson - $15.99 
  • Monthly Group Lessons (1 lesson per week, total of 4 lessons per month) - $39.99 
  • Monthly Group Lessons  (2 lessons per week, total of 8 lessons per month) -  $74.99 

Lesson Description

  • Introduction of the teacher
  • Introducing online lesson rules
Music Practical / Creative
Level 1A:
  • Right & Left - Technical Exercise
  • Left & Right
    • Dynamics (p & f)
  • Merrily we roll along
    • Black note groups
    • Crotchet Notes
  • Over the Deep Blue Sea
    • Barlines & Double Bar Lines
Music History
Music Theory
My first Music Theory p.1-3
  • Clef signs
Music Aural
  • Music Aural Quiz 1 - Keyboard Ear Training

Lesson Description

Music Practical
Level 1A:
  1. Hand Bells - Technical Exercise
    • Dynamics (f & p)
  2. Jolly Old Saints Nicholas
    • Rhythmic Practice
    • Fingernumbers
  3. Old McDonald had a farm
    • Identification of high and low notes
Music History
What is Music?
  • Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven
  • What are the elements of music?
  • The Beat is the heart of Music
  • I've got some Rhythm
Music Theory
My first Music Theory
  • The staff & clefs

Music Practical / Creative
Level 1A:
  • Come and Play!
    • Technical Exercise
    • Music alphabet
  • My Clever Pup
    • Identifying all white notes on the piano
  • The Zoo - C-position
    • Dynamics (mf)
    • The Signature 4/4 time
  • Playing in a new position
    • C position
Music Theory
Music Aural
  • Music Aural Quiz 2 - Note Ear Training