Semester Lesson Overview- Year 5 Woodcraft

Students will implement the design process to design and build two different craft projects, one in wood, and one in metal. Both projects in year 5 will focus on the ability to use hand tools to form different materials. In the first project students will design and build an Animal Wall Art (an animal face composed of 3 layers to make it 3D), using handsaws, coping saws, files, rasps, etc. 

Semester Lesson Overview- Year 7 Woodcraft

Project: Students will design and build a clock based on an aspect of their culture. Students will research aspects of their culture and determine how to represent these aspects in a clock design. Students will first build a full scale cardboard model and the clock out of materials provided. Students will also include a metal inlay in their design.  The clocks will be composed of three different layers (base layer 12 mm plywood, 2nd layer 4 mm plywood, 3rd layer clock hands).

Semester Lesson Overview - Year 8 Woodcraft

Project: Students will design and build a lamp. Students will study lighting and the history of lighting design, particularly in Nordic cultures. Students will research different lighting design and then create an orthographic projection of the lamp that they will build. Based on their design drawings students will then build the lamp out of materials they have selected.